This Earth Gathering has been a long held dream of Paloma’s. She has brought together a team of wonderful people who share a similar vision of community, concern for the earth and a belief in the power of women who meet with a clear intention.

For the past 20 years she has developed a deep insight into our spiritual connection with nature through her facilitation in the yearly ceremonial Singing in the Wild, which she runs with her husband Anthony Johnston

Paloma is a trustee of  SWAN a charity dedicated to long term low cost counselling in Bristol, she is also the founder and facilitator of This Earth Mentoring and Erti-Suli: One Soul Camp a gathering for men and women!

She regularly enjoys singing with the Bristol based Georgian choir ‘Borjghali’ and she writes – “For  the last 10 years my heart has paid homage to the ancient wisdom of the people of the Caucasus, for it is through singing these songs and sacred chants, that I have found a sweet way of honouring my ancestors"


For many years I’ve dreamed of a gathering to bring women together to create a new vision for our world.

I believe that if we are to create the world we want for ourselves, our families and our children’s grandchildren, we need to come together for nourishment, strength and vision. We cannot do this on our own! For it is only together that we can weave the threads of women’s wisdom into the larger tapestries of our communities.
— Paloma Suarez


Since the beginning of This Earth Gathering in 2012 women have been drawn to Paloma’s work and the community of women created in the festival and have found a home and a place to grow within This Earth Gathering. The relationships between each other and the work have evolved and these women have become holders of the space for other women to come and feel deeply part of our diverse and vibrant community

Each year the gathering becomes even richer soil to plant seeds within ourselves and grow strong roots as part of the This Earth Family. Held and nurtured by Paloma’s generous guidance, crew, teachers and volunteers, teens, children and elders all have found home here.

Together we evolve through the years of gathering to weave more of our individual passions into the fabric of This Earth Gathering, becoming guardians not only of the Ethos of festival but workshop leaders on our own right and standing in our own power as part of This Earth Gathering Programe.


NOT FOR PROFIT This Earth Gathering is a not for profit organisation, number: 8557293

Finally, we are putting our effort and funds to create a space for women to help each other regardless of their age, ethnicity or background, with a view to improving our relationship with the planet and all beings.