Where is the festival held?

We are located in the beautiful Devon Countryside, very near Broadclyst in Exeter. All ticket holders will be sent a detailed breakdown of the location closer to the commencement of the festival. 

What kind of facilities are available?

There is a small carpark (we encourage you to share rides as there isn't a load of room for vehicles), full toilet and (cold) shower facilities, drinkable running water. There are lush soft green camping fields - if you need assistance setting up your tent we always have a team of strong, skilled women who will be more than happy to help you (we just ask you to give the festival a donation to say thank you). You are welcome to come with your camper van, please just let us know if you plan on bringing a large vehicle. There is no public access to power points so please ensure all your electronics are fully charged, bring your own solar chargers, or give yourself a well deserved break from anything with a screen that beeps for the weekend... 

Is there food available?

Although food is not included in the ticket price, there will be a kitchen selling the most fantastic vegetarian food three times a day, including teas and coffee and cakes and anything you may desire throughout the weekend! Payment for a meal weekend ticket can be made to the kitchen team on site. You are also more than welcome to cook your own food, but you will need to bring all your own cooking facilities with you. 

Can I bring my children?

Children are welcome, but please note that you must be responsible for your child/ren at all times as there are no crèche facilities available. All children will have to come with their mothers or a responsible adult. You will see in our tiered ticketing system that all children under 5 are welcome for free, but after 5 years of age we ask that you only bring your young women along with you. 

Why aren't there specific activities for children at This Earth Gathering?

Because we think that we don’t have enough time to simply be with each other and just be in nature together. We enjoy the fact that at This Earth Gathering we can just be, we can just find our own rhythm, no stress, we will be in an intimate space to just be alive and feel the heart celebrating our connection to the land, sky and each other….mums and their children.