This are some of the women sharing skills and wisdom with us this year, a very exciting program for our gathering! 


Jackie Juno

OUTSPOKEN, a workshop run by Jackie for the women of This Earth Gathering, followed by an evening performance.

Multiple slam poetry winner including Glastonbury Festival, Plymouth Literary Festival, Green Gathering and finalist in the National Poetry Slam at the Albert Hall 2018!!

Grand Bard of Exeter with two TEDxTalks to her name.

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Denise Rowe

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Emma Stow

Emma Stow writer, speaker, astrologer and energy healer

 Healing services, life guidance, soul connection and love. I am a writer, speaker and energy worker. In my talks, private sessions and events, I work with intuition to guide the natural process of healing and empowerment to support the next step in your life and to connect you to your true soul nature.



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Louise Hoskins

Forest School


Fabiola Velasquez

Massage Therapist & Sports Massage Practitioner.

My mother and grandmothers transmitted to me this ancestral knowledge that is a heritage of the Mapuche indigenous people of Southern Chile. 

All the Alternative Medicine practices that I learned from my mother and grandmothers have enriched my understanding of health and my training as an adult. I have trained in the UK as a Sports Massage Therapy. I believe that the combination of my ancestral knowledge with my modern scientific education has given me many tools that I can use for the benefit of the health and well–being of others. 


Anna Sophia Menato

Bulgarian Singing

We will be learning a couple of Bulgarian Songs I learn during my time in Bulgaria with women who remember their old stories and songs.

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Ancestral Life Bushcraft

Foraging walk

 Discover edible and useful trees, herbs & flowers. Learn how our ancestors made that underestimated yet essential item- string!

 Fireside breakfast

Make (& eat!) your own bannock bread. Materials provided, including gluten and dairy free (£1/ person to cover ingredients)





Sandra Arbelaez

Talk : Listening to our body's wisdom"

One of the most inspiring professionals within the field of Chinese Medicine, Sandra, will be giving a talk about listening to our body's wisdom .

Sandra will also offer a workshop space open for Q&A for specific questions in the group so we can all learn by understanding each others question and listening to the answers offer by Sandra.


Julia Gillick

Creator of  "Ipse Wilderness" Will run a workshop called " Wilderness Therapy"

I lead women on well-being wilderness walks in the UK. I use the framework of a journey and Jungian metaphors and archetypes to connect women to the landscape and their emotions. 
My workshop will consist of a short wilderness walk, gentle therapeutic talking exercises to access the emotions through connection to the landscape, sharing our reflections from the journey, and setting intentions for our sense of connection to the landscape.



Lucy Bell

 Wisdom of women cycles

Reconnect with the women’s wisdom within you Suitable for women of all ages, whether your approaching menstruation, have children, are menstruating, approaching menopause or have already passed the threshold of menopause.

Find out about this wisdom of the female life cycle, how this is influenced by the Lunar cycle and earth season.Learn about the spiritual practice of menstruation, birth and menopause and the transformative power of our rites of passage at different stages of a women’s life. 

Website - 

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Deasy Bamford

Yoga Share

I am keen to share what i learnt , including asanas chants and breathing  . A session for everyone all ages and sizes, wake the body up in the morning  and  relax it in the evening , connect with your breathing and  yourself  using the  ancient Hatha Yoga techniques.

Story gathering

 This session is a place to bring  the stories you love and share them , listen to each others tales, real , imaginary or traditional , finding themes , wisdom and  humour and seeing  what we might do with such a collection 


Organic Mandala making


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Hayley Price

Validating the Wisdom of Your Living Body through which we will explore ways that we can develop trust and confidence in our bodily informed wisdom, moment to moment. 

Her work, Integrated Embodiment, draws upon four pillars of embodiment practice that help to uncover and validate the wisdom of the living body. These are Emergent Movement, Embodied Relaxation, Healthy Relating and Voice. Each element of the practice allows for exploration rooted within a deeply resourced environment. Hayley has facilitated workshops and retreats for women in the UK and internationally for many years. 

Please visit her website for more info:




Clare Warren


 LCCH, FE DIP MCS and creator of 

Clarity Vibrations, will be holding space for : "Sacred Moon Earth Offering" Blood Story and Teachings.