A million thanks to Paloma and all the women with whom I shared a smile, dialogue, feelings, emotions, dance and laughter in our meeting This Earth Gathering.

I am deeply grateful to all those wonderful human beings who have generously shared with me their life experiences, their fears, their dreams but especially shared their courage.

Right now that Europe is going through a financial crisis is urgently needed, enhance opportunities for meeting, conversation but mostly search for spirituality through prayer and contact with Mother Earth and in this context women we have a great task ahead: revitalize spirituality of this land that is tired and I am quite sure that we will achieve together new and deeper spaces for our spirits to meet, look, recognize and love once again.

Un millon de gracias a  Paloma y a todas las mujeres con las cuales comparti una sonrisa, un dialogo, mis sentimientos, emociones, una danza y muchas risas en nuestro encuentro This Earth Gathering.

Estoy profundamente agradecida con todos esos maravillosos seres humanos que han compartido generosamente conmigo sus experiencias de vidas, sus miedos, sus suenos pero sobre todo compartieron su corage.

En  estos momentos que Europa atraviesa una crisis finaciera yo creo que es imperiosamente necesario, reforzar los espacios de encuentro, de conversacion pero sobre todo de busqueda de espiritualidad, a traves de la oracion y el contacto con la madre tierra y en este contexto las mujeres tenemos una gran tarea por realizar: revitalizar la espiritualidad de esta tierra que esta cansada y yo estoy completamente segura que lograremos juntas abrir nuevos y mas profundos espacio para que nuestros espirits se encuentren, se miren, se reconozcan y se amen una vez mas.


My first ever all women’s festival was at This Earth Gathering. A little nervous and apprehensive at first, I left feeling connected to an amazing group of people on a level I didn’t realise was possible. I’m really looking forward to another deeply enlightening experience in future years. It is such a wonderfully unique opportunity to explore what it means to be a woman and share with like-minded souls, to connect with each other, and shift anything that needs help releasing in such a safe and supportive space. See you there I hope!


“This Earth Gathering was a drop of gold in a summer of sunshine, a blossoming garden of empowered women, united in body, heart and soul.  Can’t wait for this year’s event!”  http://www.earthdances.co.uk


This Earth Gathering is a unique chance for women to deepen their understanding of their own wisdom and value through the experience of sharing skills and creativity. It was a beautiful and powerful and thoroughly enjoyable event which allowed us to explore the bond we share with each other and with the Earth herself,  and the rising potential of our presence personally, socially and globally. 

Daisy Bruce

I really loved taking part in This Earth Gathering… I came away deeply refreshed and quietly, powerfully nourished in my bones.

It was such a treat to soften amongst sisters and even though I didn’t know many people on-site I felt we’d shared a beautiful journey uncovering our innate ancestral wisdom wisdom. Looking forward to doing my workshops again to get the juices going in the wonderful women on-site. 


I had the pleasure of attending This Earth Gathering near Wells, Somerset in June of 2014, and running a workshop to share my Herbal Knowledge and Passion for Plants with the ladies there.  Although only a small gathering, being only in it’s second year, the atmosphere was beautiful.  

Being in a field with such inspiring female energy, from all walks of life, I would highly recommend it to any woman, to get in touch with her powerful ‘Goddess Within’.

“I cannot wait, a few days of relaxation, meditation, being with likeminded women and just having some time to ‘be’ without any stress or demands on my time. A few days of bliss thank you x”
— Debbie Owens, participant at This Earth Gathering 2017